Why hungry? Why sidekick?

As the first blog, I thought it was important to answer the question – what is this all about? And the answer is actually kind of simple:

I love food.

I am that best friend, sidekick, secondary character.

Okay, but there’s a little more to it than that, right?

So first point; my love of food. I have always been a big foodie, I always ate quickly (even though I am an only child) and have always had a big appetite. These days, I am a shameless smashed avo, aesthetic cafe enthusiast. So why not make some more of my life about food and write about it?

The second point; the part where I am not the main character. This used to be something that was an insecurity – I never felt like the star. But as I got older, I realised I loved being the side gal. All the besties in shows and movies were fricken cool and I could totally relate, the sidekicks were my people and I was a happy sidekick. Not to mention the amount of bestie characters that also love food.

So that’s the short story – are you gunna hang around for the long one?

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