Engagement Picnic

I have a partner in food-crime. He also happens to be my fiance. We got engaged last year and had our engagement party last weekend and what a party it was! After a little too much “maybe this, maybe that” we decided on a relaxed picnic in the park theme and one of the most important parts was, naturally, the food. In this blog I’ll chat about what was on offer and where we got it, as well as giving casual reviews on each. We bought from a few places and made a few things ourselves and overall it was a lovely afternoon. Thanks to all those who could come and celebrate our love and our love of food!


Savoury wraps from Costco

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Mixed rolls served on a glass plate from my parents.

These were loved by all and went way too fast! There were three kinds of rolls with salad, cheese and a choice of beef, ham or no meat. I would definitely recommend them for gatherings as they were great value and everyone raved about them!


We had strawberries and watermelon on offer and for some reason I didn’t get any photos, despite a dear friend cutting and displaying them for me so lovingly! Refreshing, sweet and colourful, they were great additions that everyone could enjoy.

Sweet stuff

Slices from Chester Street Bakery

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Sweets served on a platter from my fiance’s grandparents

These were the stars of the show. My fiance and I went to Chester Street Bakery the day previous and chose our favourite slices to cut up and serve and they did not disappoint. I have ordered a birthday cake from them previously which was also amazing. The food is beautiful and tastes great, what more could you ask for?

Slices from Raw Squeeze

Sadly, since these were raw, they ended up melting pretty quickly and half had to be thrown away! Thankfully we still had a few for those with specific dietary requirements and from what I heard, they still went down a treat 😉

Truffles from Costco

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Picture perfect!

These were also very popular. I chose them with my mum at Costco predominantly for the look (could they look more engagement-appropriate?) but they also tasted amazing. And, like most things at Costco, were very affordable too.

Homemade fairy bread

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Some of the spread, fairy bread front and centre

A kids’ party classic. Shown above with all the other sweets, I made these up the night before and as always, they were delicious. Very much recommend making these at any picnic party. All you need is some white bread (the cheap stuff!), butter and hundreds and thousands. So easy, so good.


Homemade punch (non-alcoholic)

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Using a dispenser that was gathering dust but is actually rreally beautiful!

My mum made this on the day with a mix of juices and ginger beer and everyone loved it. Mum decided to start calling it a “family recipe” to which dad would exclaim that it was hardly that given it was made the day of! But it may become one, I must say.

Champagne and cider from First Choice

Another thing I didn’t get a photo of! Ah! The champagne was another item chosen for its looks so I wish I had photographed it but I will try to dig up a picture online. The cider was just standard Somersby Cider in apple and pear. All went down a treat!

This party was a huge success, not only thanks to the amazing food and drinks on offer, but also the amazing people who came and made it so special. Considering we were expecting to spend much more on this party, it ended up being so affordable and such an enjoyable day, I don’t why more people don’t do it this way. Have you hosted a picnic party before? What are your top tips?

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