The Smashed Avo Generation

That’s what they call us – young, privileged, professional 20-somethings spending their money on expensive brunches instead of saving it for a mortgage. But you know what? As much as this label is wrong, and a bit mean, it’s also come to be something my friends and I actually embrace as a positive.

We don’t have brunch because we are frivolous with money. We have it because we can. We have enough surplus after our necessary expenses to enjoy a yummy meal and in all honesty, shouldn’t these be the things you enjoy while you can? My fiance and I are big brunch lovers. We have brunch every weekend and we know it costs more than it should but we also believe it’s worth enjoying for the time being.

We actually already have a mortgage as we own a unit and we want to move to a house after the wedding and then, a few more years down the track we want to have kids. But until then, we want to be selfish and travel and buy video games and clothes and yes, have expensive smashed avo. We know we won’t be having brunches every weekend forever so why not make the most of it? Once we have bigger responsibilities we will tone down the spending (and probably also live further from it!). The next time we can do things like brunch more than once in a while will most likely be our retirement (at least this is what I figure cause this is what my parents now do since I moved and my dad retired).

So I say, power to you smashed avo generation! Eat that overpriced avo on toast if you can. And if you can’t, or maybe you have something to save for (like a holiday or a wedding), try out this easy recipe we follow when we want to be “frugal”:

Smashed Avo for Less by Erin Payne

2 slices of bakery bread
1 Avocado
Oil (olive or avocado)
Danish feta (or any soft feta)
Slice of lemon (optional)
Jarred pesto (optional)
Salt & pepper


  1. Scoop out avocado and put in a bowl.
  2. Add a tablespoon of feta and oil and mash with a fork. Add more or less oil depending on how ripe the avocados are.
  3. Toast bread. Spread pesto on if you like.
  4. Put avocado mixture on top and garnish with some more feta, salt and pepper.
  5. Display on a fancy wooden board with lemon slice and enjoy!

*Recipe photo to come.

2 thoughts on “The Smashed Avo Generation

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Power to the smashed avo generation!! I have some avocado ripening up in my fruit bowl at the moment so I may just need to make this for breakfast tomorrow… nom nom nom xx

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