Top Food Moments in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

I like Easter Eggs in shows. Hell, I really like Easter Eggs! Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were both iconic shows filled with fun little extras you just want to sink your teeth into (are the puns hurting yet?) so I thought I would list my favorite food moments in the series. This is not an exhaustive list but rather just some of the top ones in my mind.

Angry, helpless Spike

Ah when poor Giles had to babysit Spike. That great mug that calls back to Giles’ good old days as a librarian and Buffy using it against Spike, who, being tied up in a tub, had to use a straw to get any sustenance. This also happens to be just after an episode where the Scooby Gang have an interesting Thanksgiving, also with Spike tied up at the table!

Cordelia the chef

angel blood 2

THIS was the scene that started this whole blog post. Cordelia is handing out drinks to everyone and decides to get a bit creative in the kitchen. Perhaps too much as Angel thinks the blood has gone bad when really, Cordy has just added a little cinnamon. Why have boring blood all the time when you can spice it up?

Yummy Sushi Pyjamas

Okay, if you didn’t love Buffy’s sushi pajamas in ‘Goodbye Iowa’, why are you on my blog? But in all seriousness, this is one of my favourite scenes in the whole dang show. Not only is her outfit the cutest thing, but this quote really shows the humour in the show. Oh, also, did I mention I spent too much money buying my own yummy sushi pjs (stay tuned for more on that one!)?

Harmony the flirt

disharmony angel

Harmony as a human? Yawn. Harmony as a vamp? YES! I just loved her and one of my favourite episodes she was in would have to be Disharmony, a Buffy x Angel crossover. This scene is when she is trying to be “good” and not have human blood. Angel gives her a glass of pig’s blood, she takes a sip, “ews”, then proceeds to add about half a cup of sugar.

Buffy Bot and the mega ‘wiches

bufffy bot sandwiches

One of my favourite puns and one of my favourite versions of Buffy! Buffy bot goes ham on the sandwiches (see what I did there) and Dawn mentions something to Tara, who initially thinks Dawn is referring to her and Willow, the witches, but really it’s all those ‘wiches made by fake Buff on overdrive.

Doublemeat Palace

How could I miss out on this? Buffy’s brief stint at Doublemeat Palace, the fast food joint of your dreams. This place was a great little slice of normal, boring life that Buffy endured for several episodes. Does it remind you of anywhere else? I love a good parallel!

As always, this list could continue until the vamps come home, but at some point you gotta leave the Easter Eggs up to the viewer. Are you a Buffy or Angel fan? What’s your fav food moment?

P.S. Happy 20 Years Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

2 thoughts on “Top Food Moments in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

  1. Aw love it! Great post! Cordelia drinking pig blood directly from one of Angel’s jars in the Angel episode ‘Expecting’ is another goodie.

    Oh and in ‘Eternity’ when the fading actress Rebecca slips a ‘happy pill’ into Angel’s blood filled mug which accidentally brings out Angelus.


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