Anniversary Weekend Eats

This past weekend was the fifth anniversary since my fiance asked me out. Apart from exchanging some small gifts, the main part of our celebration was the food.

Saturday was our anniversary so we started by eating breakfast at one of our favourite local hangouts – Hey Junior. We decided to share breakfast as we find we don’t need huge meals in the morning and as an added benefit, it saves a lot of money! We chose the Eggs Benedict with a side of bacon and avocado, as well as our regular coffees.

anniversary brekky

As always, Hey Junior delivers delicious! We’ve had this a few times before so it wasn’t anything new, but the hollandaise they use is probably one of the best I have ever had.

After this, my fiance went out with his mum for lunch and I went out for Free Comic Book Day at the West End store, Junky Comics. After getting some things, I decided I needed a little fuel to keep me going and went to Smashing Berries Superfood for the first time. I got the Matcha Acai Bowl and ate while reading the appropriately matching Snotgirl (which is a great little graphic novel by the way!)

anniversary food (5).jpg

I have always liked acai bowls and this one is no exception. I am a big fan of matcha and fruit and the little crunchy pieces (granola? Nuts?) were the perfect accompaniment. Alongside a little reading, I was one happy lady.

Dinner was our main celebratory meal for our anniversary. We found a really good deal for a four course meal at Ribs and Rumps and it was a lot of fun!

anniversary dinner

Missing here is out entrees which consisted of cheesy garlic bread and a small meat platter (yes you read that right! Yum!). And honestly, the entrees were our favourite bit – perhaps that’s why we forgot to get a shot. The ribs shown above were good and came in three different meats which was fun, but they were very fatty. In fact, we ended up enjoying the chips most on that plate. The dessert was a bit of a disappointment. The lava in lava cake did not live up to it’s name and the cake was just that, plain old chocolate cake. However for the price ($99) and how much we loved the starters, this was still a great deal.

We finished the night off by heading to Chester Street Bakery. I had planned to have this S’mores dessert but it was sold out and I had to choose something else from their Winter Menu. I settled on the ice cream sundae.

anniversary food (9)

So, while this looks beautiful, it was sadly not as good as your eyes may have you believe. Apart from the fancy toppings (donut sliver, swirled chocolate and my fav, salted caramel pieces), it was a basic Neapolitan sundae and if you know this cafe, you know that’s nothing spesh. Maybe we’re a bit spoiled but we wanted to have something better than the earlier dessert and sadly this didn’t really do it! Especially when it cost $15.

On Sunday, we had a really relaxed day and cycled to another local, Blockhouse Coffee, for brunch. We had it so late that we skipped lunch and just had dinner with some friends at a place in Darra called Quan Thanh (which was surprisingly amazing, shout out to my friend for that one).

anniversary food (10)

Now if there’s one thing we’re good at picking, it’s brunch!!! This breakfast ramen was absolute bliss. Would recommend a thousand times over. We shared this as well.

All in all, it was a great weekend and we got to experience some great food. If you have any questions about what we ate or the places we went, let me know in the comments below, I could talk about food all day!

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