The Waiting Game

You know the one, we’ve all played it many times in our lives. Whether it’s waiting for your favourite TV show to start a new season, waiting to save enough money for a car, a house, a holiday, or just waiting for the damn cake to bake, we all have to wait. It can be tough sometimes.

I like to think I’m a pretty patient person, as far as today’s standards go, given the amount of things we have to distract us and the amount of instant gratification in the world. I know how to keep my mind occupied and I try to appreciate the little things where I can. When I cook dinner, I clean dishes or make the sauce while things are frying up to make the most of the time. When I bake a cake, I try to time it with the length of an episode of Buffy (or two) or my favourite foodie Youtuber’s latest offerings. Sometimes I just take the time to sit and watch my cat be his silly self or see the sun move in the sky.

But there are some things that are hard to wait for. And usually, the really tough ones that test my patience, they’re the big ones. But these things are often also a part of learning and growing and like most things, with high risk comes high reward.

If you can’t be patient and take that cake out too soon, it’ll be soft and possibly dangerous (raw eggs!). Plus, you then have to wait longer as you get it going again… If you get a little too distracted and forget to take it out on time, it’ll be tough and could very well end up in the bin. Patience is a balancing act. The past few weeks have taught me a lot of patience in a lot of ways and in the end it often pays off. My mum always said everything happens for a reason. It may be hard to see now but give it time and retrospect will make you smile.

So don’t let the Waiting Game beat you. Take joy in the time a cake bakes, in the way something sizzles. You’ll find beauty in the patience and you’ll find a delicious result at the end!

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