Going stale and eating big

It’s been a few weeks and I’m sorry for those waiting, but I promise there is lots to come! I started a new job recently and the blog went by the wayside. Much like cake on the bench, I let it go stale. But no longer! To kickstart some posts again, I am beginning with a little roundup of places and things I have eaten during my absence. Hope you enjoy.

My last week of work and the best ice cream

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In my final week at my last job, I had to help with an event aimed at kids and families. There were a few food trucks, including Yummi Fruit Ice Creamery. This little ice cream van took the sweet cool delight to another level – they mix real fruit with ice cream right in front of you! I got an unintentional but delicious combo of mango and berries. It was so creamy and fruity and just yum! Check out their Instagram to see where they might be next. I recommend it.

Wedding venue viewing

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One super exciting thing that happened over the past month is choosing our wedding venue for next year! One of the things that got us over the line, as always, was the incredible food. The main meals were incredible, my fiance, dad and I shared the pork belly and my mum had a salad. For dessert, my fiance and I shared the “Honeycomb” made with honey from hives at the venue. Does that impress you as much as it does me? Either way it was delicious!!! For now I will leave the venue a little secret but will reveal all once we confirm.

New week new eats

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My first week at my new job came with a lot of new places to eat! Some of the things I have tried so far (this covers the first two weeks) include a fantastic smoothie from Pineapple Express called King Kong, scrumptious, fattening, no-regrets yiros (gyros?) from The Yiros Shop, many coffees from Reverends and some sweet little canapes at Alchemy during an event. I am so lucky to work near great food, imagine me as that heart eyes emoji every morning and lunch and you will be close!

Lazy Sundays

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I really don’t go enough, but the Nundah Farmers Market is a true gem and I am so lucky to live within walking distance. The fruit and veg on offer is always amazing and the food and drinks you can enjoy there are even better, if that’s possible! I met up with a friend and we had brunch. I enjoyed a delicious stuffed pancake from Korean eatery Honey and Moon. Ah I need to go again…

The forever favourite

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Dear reader, you will come to learn that my absolute favourite dessert and sweet place to eat in Brisbane is hands down Passion Tree. I would go all the time if I thought I wouldn’t end up a sugary balloon like Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! But I did go recently and got to enjoy something from their new winter range, the S’mores Hot Chocolate, along with a macaron. Delicious but maybe a bit much after a large dinner (at another fav – Dumpling Republic).

Maid cafe madness

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Just this past weekend I attended Madman Anime Festival, a popular convention that was debuting in Brisbane. One of the features was a maid and butler cafe. Maid cafes are common in Japan, they are basically restaurants that are themed in a way that all the staff are “maids” there to serve you. It’s a fun novelty and I was excited to see what Brisbane could bring. It was actually a lot of fun and the food was good too, however I do have to say the price was a little steep. Otherwise, a fun way to do lunch.

And now we’re back to the present! The above covers some of my favourite food moments but believe me there are always more. What was your favourite food moment in the last month? Comment below!

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