Party people and food photos

Last weekend I got to attend a raging party. And by raging, I mean it had some of the best homemade delicacies I’ve enjoyed at a party! One of my good friends was hosting a little house do, just cause, and one of the conditions was to bring food. A few people admittedly did bring store bought goods BUT this didn’t ruin anything because the main affair was amazing.

I made my famous chicken satay and chocolate bark. And honestly, I’ve never had such amazing feedback for my food before! I felt very touched and was so happy to see people enjoying my food.

Other dishes on the menu included a deliciously creamy potato salad with crunchy bacon bits, the best cob loaf known to man, soft, crumbly chocolate and vanilla biscuits (which paired amazingly with my chocolate bark for a little dessert sandwich – shout out to my fiance for that idea!) and some fruit in the form of a fruit salad and jelly shots (yes that counts).

But enough of the chat – I’ll let the photos will do the talking!

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