Why Chermside is making stomachs churn (in a good way!)

So admittedly I’m a bit late to the party, but Westfield Chermside’s newest area opened a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to help a friend (and fellow blogger) try out one of the many great restaurants, Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. Since I was taking photos for her, I thought I might as well take the opportunity to shoot the whole area as well.

Let’s start with the new space as a whole:

Now onto the good stuff, the restaurants. Since this area opened, I have tried Betty’s Burgers, Motto Motto (twice!), Archer Specialty Coffee and Savour. I need to take some more shots of the food, but here is some food porn from Betty’s to feast your eyes on in the meantime…


burgers edit 3


ice cream edit 3

The burger and dessert joint did not disappoint! If you want a good feed, check it out.

Have you been to Chermside’s new space yet? If you don’t live in the area, do you have something like this near you?

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