A Brisbane Christmas – festive feasts down under

Better late than never, right? This festive season has been jam-packed with the good and the bad and getting this blog at 100% has been a little bit of a mission! But alas, here I am, Boxing Day night, getting this written. Whether you want to extend the Christmas vibes, plan your eating for next year’s festive season or just want to reminisce, I promise this won’t disappoint. Let’s get right into it…


My first time trying the famous Nodo and what a way to start! Their Christmas special was both gorgeous to look at and delicious to eat.


Jamie’s Italian

Enjoyed the Festive Feast with friends at Jamie’s in Brisbane. Three courses comprising of a shared entree, your choice of main and your choice of dessert. I don’t know if I could pick a standout – it was all amazing!


The Christmas Breakfast tea from T2 is a must during the festive season and with such cute packaging (limited edtion!) how could I not resist?

teaaaa edit 3

Doughnut Time

My fiance and I picked four of the six (I think?) Christmas range from Doughnut Time and as always, they did not disappoint. My favourite was the Treat Yo’self solely for the amazing design with the vegan Mistledough a close second.

Paul’s Milk

My fiance actually pointed this out to me solely because of my love of all things themed and my food blogging enthusiasm. I just adore this Christmas branding, but we also often buy this brand anyway so double win!

Milk and Cookies edit 1

Sweet Mickie

You can’t have Santa’s milk without Santa’s cookies! A pairing made in heaven. Grabbed this from Starbucks and it was surprisingly good, although I will never be much of a fan of traditional fondant (but the marble and that stamping… I couldn’t say no).

Milk and cookies - biscuit edit 1

Reverends Fine Coffee

The sweetest gift from the sweetest friend, one of my colleagues (and fellow foodie) bought me Reverends’ homemade Christmas puddings. I also happened to be wearing my Black Milk cherry skirt that day, which made for the perfect backdrop!

pudding edit 3

English Tea Shop

More tea! Always more tea! This was actually from my 2016 Christmas trip to Europe and I had been saving it for some photos and the holiday period. Finally tried it and each flavour is amazing – my favourite is either Gingerbread Man or Holiday Blend.

Mum’s cooking

And of course, if this wasn’t in here, am I a very good daughter? But truly I love mum’s cooking. She made a lot more than this, but I only got photos of her famous rum balls and these cutie gingerbread biscuits. Yummo!

This list barely scratches the surface on Christmas food around Brisbane, but instead curates what I got to try this year. Look forward to other places I have enjoyed (and will enjoy) in next year’s festive follow-up.

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