Magic at Messina Creative Department

Last month I got to go to foodie heaven at Messina Creative Department. For the month of February, the seven-course degustation experience called Brisbane home and we were lucky enough to grab a spot.

Set in a private room with dimmed lighting (great for mood, not for photography!), each booking seats just 12 people. The chef plates everything up in front of you and each dish is explained in detail. The dishes were also accompanied by non-alcoholic drinks. It was a magical experience!

Here’s the full line up:

First Course: Gin and tonic granita with extra virgin olive oil.

Second Course: Herb sherbet with finger lime, sake and soy cone. Served with apple sparkling, cinnamon and burnt lime foam.

Third Course: Black tea sherbet with lychee, rose and hibiscus. Served with ginger and lemongrass kombucha.

Fourth Course: Salted coconut gelato with apricot and elderflower, miso and egg yolk. Served with peach, tonka bean and lemon verbena infusion.

Fifth Course: Kombu and parsley gelato served with ricotta ravioli and native ingredients. Served with Oolong tea with shitake oil.

Sixth Course: Butter and sage gelato with potato foam, potato crispy and xo sauce. Served with Sealip Spice 94, burn watermelon rind shrub and wattleseed.

Seventh Course: Spiced muscovado gelato with 52% chocolate mousse with puffed buckwheat. Served with orange and caramelised oak barrel infusion.

Interested in enjoying some gelato goodness with something a little extra? Keep track of ticket releases across Australia at the Messina website.

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