Being environmentally friendly foodie during Plastic Free July

It’s been two weeks since Plastic Free July kicked off. In June, I found out about the initiative while scrolling through Twitter. I have been using a reusable coffee cup and tea flask for months now, as well as slowly bringing in other initiatives but the opportunity to really commit was exciting, so I signed up with a focus on targeting takeaway items and single-use plastic packaging. As a foodie, this means a number of things that I thought I would share with others who may want to improve their environmental footprint:


Ditch the straws
I am happy to see a lot of places already implementing this themselves, but this is also something I am trying to push myself. I recently bought some metal straws for a friend and decided to get a few for myself as well in those situations where you can’t avoid using a straw.
Get the keep cups
This is something I have been doing for the better part of a year now and feel it is such an easy thing to do with such a big impact. In fact, every minute over one million disposable cups are discarded to landfill – how insane is that? I own a KeepCup and a Pottery for the Planet mug, both of which I chose due to their fun design.
Use your own cutlery
One of my friends at work does this and I really admire it. She has a little pouch with a spork and metal chopsticks. They were a gift I believe but what a great idea. Many Asian restaurants especially use disposable chopsticks. While not plastic, they are still harmful. I am hoping to start doing this, once I find my own cute set!
Use green bags
Queensland recently passed a law banning single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags. This means plastic is out and green is in! This is another area I have done a little but not as much as I could. The ban is a great way to enforce this movement and it is so nice seeing everyone with all their different bags at grocery shops!
plastic free july edit
Eat in
One way to avoid unnecessary plastic when buying a meal or drink is to eat in. Take the time to relax, enjoy the atmosphere and spend some time with another person (or even yourself!). This is something I sometimes struggle with, especially with the advent of Uber Eats, but even if you make a conscious effort to reduce your takeaway meals, it’s a step in the right direction.
#Plasticfreejuly2018-join-the-challenge stamp hi res
Are you participating in Plastic Free July? How are you trying to make environmentally friendly changes in your life? I’d love to hear about it!

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