Video Game Dishes I Wish Were Real

It’s been a while dear readers! But there’s a reason for that… getting married, job changes and a new house (that we are moving into in a couple weeks!) have all put my true love, writing, on the back-burner (pun intended). And so, I’ve decided to start writing again, with a vengeance. And with this coming move, there are a few things I have planned to write and do. First up, creating some of my favourite dishes from video games. And the best way to start is to plan out the dishes. So here’s a little taste of what’s to come:

The Cake – Portal


If you like video games, you have probably heard “the cake is a lie” before. This reward that, it turns out, was not real all along, is a pretty tasty looking fake cake! A big, two layered chocolate beast with strawberries and cream, what’s not to love? Definitely something I will add to my list to make in the coming months (Update: I made the cake! Check it out).

Sweet Rolls – Skyrim


There aren’t a lot of games with as many jokes that have lasted the test of time as there are in the worlds of Bethesda. When I first moved to our apartment that we just sold, we didn’t have internet and Elder Scrolls was my life. Sweet rolls are often mentioned, y guards poking, kids upset their rolls have been stolen and lots of other little references. The¬†pastries are made of a light brown sweetbread as the lower part, with icing covering the top. Here’s hoping I can do this iconic video game treat justice!

Ambrosia – The Sims


The name alone makes me want it! I know this dish from The Sims 3 specifically. The dish requires a very skilled Sim to create it as the dish has magical properties. While it is more about the magic than the dish itself, there are a few recipes around and I’d love to see how people translate this meal to real life.



I don’t have a specific dish for this one, but I was gifted a Pokemon cookbook a couple of years ago that I am yet to cook from. With a new home and a big kitchen to cook in, I will definitely make a few recipes from it!

World of Warcraft


Another one that I have not decided on a specific dish as, like Pokemon, there is a whole dang cookbook to choose from! I don’t own it… but I will! And you will get to enjoy my successes (and failures). This is definitely where a lot of the savoury dishes will be born (and likely consumed by my husband).

Are there any dishes you think I should make that are not on the list? Or any games I should play to find some more meals to enjoy?

In the meantime, if you want to see how I go creating the above in my new house, stay tuned for the series to come.

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