The Cake is a Lie

Finally, the first post in my video game series! I actually did this weeks ago, but haven’t had a chance to properly edit and write up something until now.

This cake was very much about the look and I was also baking it for people with certain dietary needs (low sugar, no dairy), so I decided to start with a cake mix and build from there.

portal noshu cake mix

I used this Noshu sugar free cake mix, using lactose free milk and nut butter (which we always have on hand anyway) and bought some special extras to get the look. This included dark chocolate to create the chocolate shavings, candles for the white candle in the middle and jaffas for the red candy.

The resulting cake turned out pretty great! I think one change would be getting a smaller, taller cake pan as it was a bit flat and getting a nice cake board to sit it on but otherwise, I think it looks quite close. Plus, it was delicious!

portal cake comparison

What do you think?

Next, I think I will make something from Skyrim as I have been replaying this lately and the guards constantly tease me about sweet rolls…

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