Magic at Messina Creative Department

Last month I got to go to foodie heaven at Messina Creative Department. For the month of February, the seven-course degustation experience called Brisbane home and we were lucky enough to grab a spot. Set in a private room with dimmed lighting (great for mood, not for photography!), each booking seats just 12 people. The chef…… Continue reading Magic at Messina Creative Department

Visiting Cinnamoroll Cafe in Shinjuku

When I was a kid, I loved this little shop called Morning Glory that sold Japanese stationary, typically featuring Sanrio characters. My favourite character was Cinnamoroll, a little white puppy with long ears, born in the blue sky above. His colour scheme, cute looks and affinity for the sky meant I loved him then and still…… Continue reading Visiting Cinnamoroll Cafe in Shinjuku

A Brisbane Christmas – festive feasts down under

Better late than never, right? This festive season has been jam-packed with the good and the bad and getting this blog at 100% has been a little bit of a mission! But alas, here I am, Boxing Day night, getting this written. Whether you want to extend the Christmas vibes, plan your eating for next…… Continue reading A Brisbane Christmas – festive feasts down under

Teaming up like bacon and eggs

There are people in life that you are just meant to meet. Caity (who I have mentioned briefly in a previous blog) runs a great little food guide called Foodramblings. We met professionally but have since become good friends and our love of food, photography and blogging has been like cookies meeting milk – a…… Continue reading Teaming up like bacon and eggs